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There is described the experience of the person who had entered the parallel world from awaked state of consciousness.

It was daytime. I was going to work by subway. The distance was long. I had enough time to relax and to dip into contemplation of my internal processes.

I started contracting my social shell and expanding my inner one. I changed orientation of my interests connected with interrelations between me and people up to supreme plans – essence of existence.

Altered state of consciousness “Mountain tops”In some short time I noticed a certain sensual process in me connected with big desire to withdraw here and now, to leave this world, to withdraw from busy working moments, from all people, from strangers and people close to me, from my own troubles connected with the material world.

Some pictures of fabulously beautiful landscapes floated across my inner screen. I did not close my eyes, just a little, in order to avoid eye contact with people standing opposite me. Step by step the landscapes put themselves on the apparent physical world, which each moment was growing dim and was losing outlines. I had a feeling of going deep inside myself. My consciousness was moving a ray of perception of physical plane to the more subtle one (astral plane). The perception of myself in a material world was disappearing very fast. New reality was displaying before me.

Having given myself to a state of desired solitude: freedom from troubles, from pettiness and insignificance of this world. I went inside me to find my deep part desiring calmness and harmony.

All sensations which were emanating from the physical world faded. The physical world turned into the subjective one which was beyond the periphery of my perception. Realizing that such a swift submergence can any moment lead to loss of control of the physical body, what was absolutely unwanted in subway, I forced myself to impede this process, keeping a very dim perception of the external world.

Mountain tops covered with snow were before me, I was on one of them in a state of blissful silence. Downstairs the mountains were wrapped up in clouds. Mountain tops were piercing shaggy clouds, causing a bigger feeling of aloofness from the physical world. I understood subconsciously that nobody and nothing could find me here, so high in mountains. Not a lot of people enter these worlds.

Mountain topsBlue sky with rays of sunset was passing slowly to starlit height. The deepness of space was fascinating by its infinity, and cold and white snows were causing feeling of immovability and peace. I was there almost all of me. My mental process did not stop, just got more subtle. That’s why I was thinking of what happened to me now. I was thinking that it was a beautiful place and it was worth to come back here. At this very moment it was more real for me than that world where my body was going in subway.

I looked again at all details of mental process that have brought me in such amazing world and remembered them.

I hadn’t any desire to leave mountains covered with snow and blue sky height, but my inner timer and some distant pictures of subway stations informed me about approach to my destination point.

Some days I was still shrouded in a state of peace, natural harmony and snow calmness.

(K.S., Ukraine. End of May 2008)

The technique of achieving of such alterned state of consciousness is by reference

You can read an alike practice for entering the twin state of consciousness be reference

The material is provided by K.S. for AITE project



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